Merlin Project raises the bar for project management on OS X.

Now even the name of the new version reveals what Merlin truly focuses on: Your project and its planning. Test Merlin Project now and find out for yourself.

Did you know the status color? Blue: activity is pending, Red: is >10% behind schedule, Yellow: is <10% behind schedule, Green: on schedule.

RT @FalkSchmidt: Update bei @MerlinPM ist <20MB. #ThumbsUp! Da sieht man, dass nicht überall nur Schrott programmiert wird.

You do need help onsite? Check out our great Ambassadors! https://t.co/SDnnaQkyo7 https://t.co/iqLkWg95dv

Do you know? Filters in Merlin Project are very powerful to reduce complexity! https://t.co/BRxV3hSN2l https://t.co/0qlkdhvh3G

Merlin Project 3.1.5 is out now! Beside fixed bugs, resource assignments can now be published to the OS X Reminders. https://t.co/MpglvsEtnf

The new Merlin Project – Wizardry for the Mac at its best.