10 Years of Merlin – Thank you

on 9. April 2014

10 years ago, Kickoff Meeting in a hotel in Frankfurt. A former freelancer called Frank Illenberger and I define a new project called Merlin.

Today,  users of our software manage uncountable projects.

Thank you!

Written by Frank Blome
Frank Blome is the CEO of ProjectWizards. He is also active on Google+.

Merlin: plan by work or duration

on 4. April 2014

Now and then we get asked in support, when to plan Merlin activities by work and when by duration.

Some pose their question a bit differently, they define the activity’s  work, assign two or more resources on it and email us to ask why the activity’s duration got shorter.

When using Merlin to plan your projects, there are various planing scenarios. You will find some basic configuration examples with details and screenshots here.

When it comes to the point where you assign activities to resources, it helps to know, that there is a project setting called ‘resources share their work’ which is enabled by default. You will find it under File > Project Settings > Misc > Resources >


As long as this setting is enabled on your project, whenever you assign two resources to the same task, their work would be 50% of the work defined on the activity each so the activity itself would take half the time to be accomplished.

There are cases where you need this, for example: two painters paint the same wall on half of the time.

There are cases however where you don’t need this. You have a training planned for 1 day and have two trainers. The training won’t stop at midday, both of the trainers will be there for the complete day.

To plan this activity, you simply define it by duration and blank work entries on the activity and assignments.




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Written by Vicky Stamatopoulou
Vicky Stamatopoulou works at ProjectWizards. She contributes to the MacPM.net blog, Merlin user forums, or other web spaces of ProjectWizards. The content provided is about Merlin or Mac usage, documentation, AppleScripting, or customization. Google+

ProjectWizards and Wordcrafts agree broad-based partnership

on 24. März 2014

logoWith the northern German company Wordcrafts, headed up by Oliver Gurtschmann and Felix Lotze, ProjectWizards gained an internationally renowned team that is a leading provider of innovative translation (text and audio), app content-localisation and market-support services.

Its expertise, particularly in providing translation services for Apple OS X and iOS, (more…)

Written by Michael D. Schulze
Michael D. Schulze is responsible for Sales, Brand Management & Marketing. He manages SEO/SEM and Social Media channels and is in charge of press management. Google+