Dave Prior: PM combining the best of two worlds

on 21. December 2009

Richard Joerges, our colleague from the German blog, had the chance talking with Dave Prior and wrote a very interesting post here.

In case you happen not to know Dave Prior already, Dave is a PM for the past 15 years and has been volunteering for PMI since 2002. He has been on the board of the IT&T SIG since 2003 and was the Chair during 2008. Now serving out his term as Past Chair, Dave is also senior consultant at Valtech in the Transformation Services group – which helps companies who want to migrate to Agile.

His primary focus as Chair, which he is continuing with now, is centered around the idea that PMs who work in technology need to be skilled in multiple disciplines in order to provide true, well rounded management on projects and programs.

For his daily praxis, Dave trusts on two things: PMBOK and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. He received his MBA from the Executive Management Project Management School at the University of Texas at Dallas, and has been teaching project management for the past 10 years across the US, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Central America.

Dave is also a connector between the more traditional approach of PM and agile techniques. It was not love at first sight though:

I started working with Agile about 10 years ago, but was not much of a fan for a very long time. It was only when I happened to work on a few projects in organizations that were so change-focused that the practices defined in the PMBOK were completely non-viable and finally was able to realize some success with using Agile“.

As Certified ScrumMaster (2007), Certified Scrum Practitioner (2008) and Certified Scrum Trainer David Prior primarily uses Scrum in the work he does now, but incorporates practices from the PMBOK to supplement it:

I find that blending the two together is working very well in that it provides an environment with complete transparency, allows the development teams to have a lightweight process which maximizes their time coding, and I am able to use elements from the PMBOK to handle documentation, reporting and most of all, interacting with senior managers who tend to be more comfortable with a traditional form of project management“.

As Chair of the IT&T SIG, David reached out to the Scrum Alliance with the goal of building a bridge between the two communities and presented ‘Scrum in the Waterfall‘ at the Spring 2009 Scrum Gathering in Orlando:

„I have great hopes that the Scrum Alliance and PMI will be able to find ways to work together in helping practitioners on both sides realize that there are benefits in developing skill in practicing the other.“

Indubitably, Dave’s work and ideas are very important to the whole PM community, connecting traditional and agile approaches. But the reason we like him most is, that he is an avid user of Merlin. He says:

„I work for EMC Consulting and primarily work on implementing and custom development around Microsoft products. However, I am a die hard Mac bigot and my weapons of choice are Merlin, Things and my Livescribe Pulse.“

We were very happy we had him for the  Macworld 2009 and here is how David describes his participation:.

„Macworld 2009 was a great treat for me. I spend my days managing projects that are all centered around Microsoft. Being able to spend a few days talking about a product that I feel so strongly about, and to fellow Mac users, was a great time. I am very appreciative to ProjectWizards for letting me be a part of it.“

Dave Prior has so much to report about project management in general or on Mac OS X. In the next days, you may expect to read here more about the interview he gave to our colleague Richard Joerges.


Written by Vicky Stamatopoulou
Vicky Stamatopoulou works at ProjectWizards. She contributes to the MacPM.net blog, Merlin user forums, or other web spaces of ProjectWizards. The content provided is about Merlin or Mac usage, documentation, AppleScripting, or customization. Google+


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