Licensing Merlin – for Gmail or other users checking emails on a web browser

on 11. February 2014

When asking your emails over the web browser (so you are not using a mail app client on your Mac like Mail.app for example) you need to first save your Merlin licence file on your Mac to be able to use it in a second step to license your Merlin application.
Following screencast shows those actions and uses a gmail account as example…



Written by Vicky Stamatopoulou
Vicky Stamatopoulou works at ProjectWizards. She contributes to the MacPM.net blog, Merlin user forums, or other web spaces of ProjectWizards. The content provided is about Merlin or Mac usage, documentation, AppleScripting, or customization. Google+

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  1. Comment by James Whitby (April 1, 2014 @ 5:26 pm

    Perhaps it is time to consider a different format for the ‘How to’ section. A blog shows the most recent comments, but a table of contents might be more useful for people who have a problem, or who are browsing.

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