Merlin – Insert new resource roles quickly

on 19. September 2011

In Merlin you can define the role of a resource and specify it thus a bit better. Merlin comes with a predefined list of resource roles. You will find them listed in the ‘info’ inspector by a selected resource and in the project settings (File > Project Settings > Value Lists > Resource). To define the role of your resource, select it first, switch to the “Info” inspector and select the desired role.

What happens if you don’t find the specific role in the list?
You may ‘Add’ a new resource role in the project settings while viewing the resources’ roles

just enter it in the role field directly on the inspector. Merlin will accept it for the selected resource and also add it into the resource roles of the project to be used for other resources as well.

Nice and quick, isn’t?



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Written by Vicky Stamatopoulou
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