Merlin & Merlin iPhone – how to share projects for iPhone

on 21. September 2010

publishIn Merlin documentation, online help and various other web spaces one can read how to share projects for the iPhone when using Merlin for Mac OS X. The procedure is straight forwards. You open the projects in Merlin for Mac OS X, you call the publishing dialog by a click onto the yellow horn symbol, and start iPhone sharing.

  1. In case both Mac (with Merlin sharing the project) and iPhone are logged into the same LAN, you may use on the iPhone the Merlin *Server* automatically discovered over Bonjour and shown in the Servers list of Merlin iPhone app.

  2. In case you need full access to your Merlin project  from anywhere (3G-, EDGE- or WLAN-Hotspot connection), you would have to use the project’s public IP address (blue @ symbol).
  3. Does this information apply for iPad as well? Yes of course, a project shared for iPhones, can be a accessed over an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as well.

    Is the address contained in the blue @ symbol, the address of my mac? The address contained there is the external IP address of your router, which is usually a public IP address. When accessing over this address and your router is configured appropriately, it will forward connections to the Merlin application sharing the projects on your Mac.

    If your router supports UPNP, simply enable port forwarding in Merlin Preferences and use the blue @ symbol.

    Configuration samples for routers not supporting UPNP, or in cases UPNP is not desired, can be found here

    FirewallWhen having enabled the Mac OS X Firewall, make sure it is set appropriately. More information about the Firewall setup here

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