The prices for the British Pound are updated

on 15. January 2009

We are very sorry, but we had to increase the Merlin prices for our friends in the United Kingdom. In recent months the exchange rate between the Euro (our base currency) and the British Pound went got progressively worse. We have been selling Merlin for quite some time at an undervalued price based on the exchange rate, hoping the market situation might improve.

Unfortunately this was not the case as you can see here:

British Pound

As a result, we couldn’t ignore the exchange disparity any longer, so have modified the UK £ prices as follows:

  • Merlin: £145
  • Merlin Education: £105
  • Merlin Web: £95
  • Upgrade to Merlin 2: £75

As soon the exchange rate improves, we will reset the price again.

Written by Antoni Cherif

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