Packing my bags

on 31. May 2012

…is probably a bit too early, but I admit that I can’t wait to start. The sale of the trainings started well, the date for the App Spotlights in the Apple Stores can be saved and in addition we’re discussing a nice meet & greet in a German “Biergarten” – a beer garden – where else? ;-)
I know, I could have done this earlier, but seriouly I always tried to get around this long 25 hours flight.

But let me explain how this all started. We were in need for a good consulting partner in Australia for a long time. The sales part was nicely filled with NovaMind, our Mind Mapping partnership. But unfortunately they don’t have the menpower to do trainings and consulting. I made some experiments with freelancer and project manager of types. But they could not deliver stable and continuous services. So we stopped that, because at the end of the day it was more frustrating than helping – for both sides, me and Merlin users.

And then, earlier this year in San Francisco, while I did attend the MacWorld, I was introduced to the guys from PureMac. They got a very good reputation by our business friends like Marketcircle, MoneyWorks and others. We took our time and had a walk together and during this walk the plan of a co-operation was born. On the following weeks we did exchanged ideas, concepts and many other stuff. By the end of March it was fixed. I will travel to Australia to certify PureMac as our ProjectWizards’ Partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Stay tuned. The story will continue…

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Written by Frank Blome
Frank Blome is the CEO of ProjectWizards. He is also active on Google+.

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