Merlin for Web Browsers

Making Merlin projects available for Web access is possible with the optional Web Module. A web server is integrated into Merlin making possible to publish Merlin projects for online web access or simply exporting static HTML for offline viewing. The integrated Web Module results in Merlin projects always being up-to-date and synchronized.
In fact, the Merlin project displayed in the browser automatically updates whenever changes are made without having to manually reload the page!

Seeing is believing. Try Merlin and the Web Module today. Simply publish your projects for web access or export them as static HTML. Demo the robust cross-platform solution to effortlessly update both Mac and Window clients with 24/7 project status.

Specifications and requirements:

  • Single users & small project teams publish with Merlin and an additional Merlin Web Sharing License (sold separately, permits up to 10 simultaneous user connections). Large project teams publish with Merlin Server.
  • The Mac running Merlin or Merlin Server must be running to allow access over the web browser. When publishing with Merlin, published projects must also be opened.

Supported web browsers:

  • Safari 3 or later for Mac OS X or Windows
  • Firefox 3 or later for Mac OS X or Windows
  • IE, 7 (IE 8 in compatibility mode) or later for Windows
  • Chrome 24 or later for Mac OS X or Windows

You will find the differences between the web view and Merlin for Mac OS X here

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