Integration Applications

Merlin offers the Perfect Fit to other applications.
Regardless of where your data is coming from, Merlin will import it completely. In fact, Merlin can also export data to other file formats and applications as well. Here is a brief summary of integration points with other applications and technologies.

Address Book
Use your Address Book entries as resources in Merlin with a simple drag & drop or access them using Merlin's library.
Adobe Acrobat
All printouts and reports can be saved as PDF thus making them platform independent for distribution to other users. All graphic views within Merlin can also be exported as a PDF image.
Portable Document Format (PDF): a file format created by Adobe Systems for document exchange.
Merlin has extensive support for AppleScript. Automate what you need done.
Merlin supports time reporting and invoicing for projects by offering integration with Billings.
Through use of a special script one can exchange Merlin activities with Daylite. This allows one to import all details regarding a project and its related activities, milestones, and more to be loaded into this CRM solution.
If you work with Direct from iLink, you can automate contacting a Resource directly by phone. (Currently not functional)
Many Drag & Drop options integrated with the Finder are supported by Merlin. You can take any selection from a project and drag it to the desktop to create a project clipping. You can then take this project clipping and drag and drop it from the Finder to another project.
Install GrandTotal additionally to your Merlin and let GrandTotal create an Estimate or an Invoice from project data transferred by a "Send To" AppleScript GrandTotal developed.
Synchronize your project's activities to iCal to share with the rest of the team or import iCal holiday calendars.
Drag and drop mail from Mac OS X’s Mail application onto any group or activity. Attach e-mails as elements to your projects to keep important information at hand. Send e-mails with assignement information to project stakeholders by a "Send To" script we have developed.
Start your project in MindManager for mac or windows then import your work with ease into Merlin. You can elso export your work in Merlin to MindManager as a Business Map.
Mon(K)ey Office
Merlin can export activity information to Mon(K)ey Office. Once Version 5.5 is installed, a menu option to send the information becomes available.
MS Project
Import MS Project mpp, mpx and xml file formats and export your changes to MS Project as MS Project XML format. We recommend XML format for best results.
MS Entourage
Import your MS Entourage contacts into Merlin and use them as resources.
MS Excel
Exchange information between Merlin and MS Excel with ease.

Create your project using NovaMind's powerful mind mapping software and import it into Merlin with a simple Drag & Drop. You can also export your Merlin project to NovaMind.
Send a project structure to OmniFocus if you like. To do so, simply download and use a "Send To" script we have developed.
Send a project structure to OmniGraffle, let it visualized or modify it if neccessary by OmniGraffle various graphical possibilities. To do so, use a "Send To" script as defined in the German Merlin Book.
Import your OmniOutliner files and control what goes where. Export your outline as OPML and open it with many OPML editors including OmniOutliner.
All available reports can be saved in HTML format and stored on any web server so that the project reports can be viewed using your favorite web browser application: Safari.
Project content can be automatically previewed from Spotlight, including Resources, Activities, and Budget views.
In Merlin 2.7.5 you will be able to call a resource from within Merlin in case you are using a Starface telefon system.
Transfer your project structures as to ToDos in Things projects. See them sorted by due date. Select the activities in Merlin and simply use a "Send To" script we have developed.
Timeline 3D
Visualise the timeline of project structures by the various possibilities of Timeline 3D. Select the activities in Merlin and simply use a "Send To" script we have developed.
One can customize reports by using XSLT with Saxon 8. In the future, dynamic reporting capability and customization will become available directly from Merlin.

Merlin Quick Start Guide

Learn more about the Merlin project management software for Mac OS X in Merlin Quick Start Guide.Want to learn more? The Merlin QuickStart Guide provides a simple, step-by-step overview to help you get quickly on your way with Merlin.

Download the Merlin QuickStart Guide (PDF).