Merlin Server Bundle

Are you a "Startup" or do you want to use a professional project management software to start up?

Merlin 2 StartUp-Bundle

Ever been "dissipated", have lost sight of your finances, is the budget still on schedule, what resources are in use …? Project management will help!

Merlin 2 StartUp-Bundle-Offer

With Merlin for OS X you have the software that gives you all needed tools to successfully implement projects on time and budget. Merlin is intuitive, easy to use and offers the widest variety of exchange formats in a project management software. You can exchange data of your Merlin projects across all stakeholders no matter if they work with Merlin or not.

With Merlin Server you publish your projects for project stakeholders using Mac OS X, iOS devices, or web browsers. Services provided let you easely collaborate over the Intranet and Internet with users of Windows, Linux, etc.

Support: Comprehensive documentation, free and unlimited e-mail support, YouTube videos, user forums and social media channels.

Special Bundle Price:  USD 1399.- / GBP 899.- / € 999.- net* (one-time payment)
* VAT has to be added within the EU unless a valid VAT Registration-Number can be provided

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Merlin & NovaMind as a bundle

Brainstorm with your colleagues and capture information as a Mindmap. Use NovaMind for mindmapping, and open easily the results of your brainstorming sessions in Merlin as the basis for creating the initial structure of your project.

Merlin 2
NovaMind 5 Pro

Merlin for Mac OS X with NovaMind 5 Pro

NovaMind Pro is an excellent product for advanced Mind Mappers, senior school and university students, coaches, and for general business use.

Find out more about NovaMind 5 Pro here.

Merlin 2
NovaMind 5 Platinum

Merlin for Mac OS X with NovaMind 5 Platinum

NovaMind Platinum is for power Mind Mappers, people who need to make powerful presentations, screenwriters, project planners, business consultants, serious business people, and the people who need the absolute best.

Find out more about NovaMind 5 Platinum here.

You are not sure, which NovaMind version fits your needs? Just take a look on the comparison table of the different NovaMind editions.