What’s New

As an active user of Merlin 2, you will be impressed by Merlin Project’s many new features. After all, nowadays successful project management demands software that offers you the freedom to design projects that suit your expectations. This is precisely what Merlin Project does: It puts this power in your hands. Discover all the new functions which make Merlin Project the best Merlin on OS X ever.


All key information at a glance

Clear, modern, logical, customizable

Project management has never looked so good. But good looks aren’t everything. Merlin Project provides you with all key information at a glance whenever you need it. The information you consider important is for you alone to decide – after all, Merlin Project lets you customize each individual view to suit your needs.


Enjoy the view

New views, new scales, new flexibility

You decide how you want to view your information in Merlin Project. Whether as a work breakdown, net plan, organigram or mind map – you can choose the right view to suit any situation. And with the practical time scale, you can adjust the period shown just by dragging your mouse.


Don’t just impress your boss

Reports served up – to suit your taste

Impress your project team with informative reports which meet every need.

Earned Value Analysis

Project management meets controlling

Plan, track, and manage budgets

Surely you can put your valuable time to better use than laboriously typing your project finances into spreadsheets? Say goodbye to all of this with Merlin Project. Thanks to its new controlling function, you can keep deadlines and cost under control – and spot project trends early on.

Search & Filter

For finding the needle in the haystack

Click – and it’s already found

You know from your own experience just how extensive most projects become. In these instances, a good search and filter function is essential to find content quickly. With Merlin Project you’re a step ahead again as it also lets you replace values with just a few clicks.

Net Plan

Layouts with a fresh new look

From top to bottom, left to right, or any which way

Whether as a mind map, net plan or organigram, Merlin Project offers you the full spectrum of ways to present your project content graphically. And best of all: You don’t need to keep this flexibility to yourself. Make a real impact at your next meeting by exporting or printing layouts which just scream to be presented.


Merlin Project costs only $299 / 219€.
The update from Merlin 2 to Merlin Project costs only $134 / 99€.
If you have purchased Merlin 2 after June 30th, 2014,
you will get an additional 25% discount (requires coupon code).
Prices exclude sales tax.

Learn more about the predecessor of Merlin Project on the website of Merlin 2.