Which version of Merlin do I need?

Merlin 2 Web-SharingNot sure which product configuration fulfills your needs best? Our sales team
will be glad to help you. Just answer the following questions.

Merlin is a Mac OS X application. This means you install Merlin on a Mac and use it to create, edit or share your projects with other Merlin users.

How many users
How many users in total need to be able to work with Merlin at the same time,
i.e. concurrently?


Mac Users
How many of those are Mac users and need to access a project?


Mobile devices
How many of those users need to access a project using an iPhone, iPad
or iPod touch?


Access over the Web
How many of those users need access to project schedules using a web browser?

You will find the differences between the web view and Merlin for Mac OS X here


PC users (Windows & Linux)
How many of those are Windows or Linux users and need to access Merlin project files over the web?


Multiple projects
How many projects do your PMs typically manage at one time?


Eligible for Education discount
As a current member of an academic or research institution (appropriate documentation required) take advantage of the educational discount of 30 %

You will find terms and conditions for our education discounts here.

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