Group Collaboration

Merlin is the Ultimate Team Player. Merlin stands alone in offering the most data exchange formats so you can easily import, export and exchange information with others. With so many options, even those users who do not have access to Merlin can easily receive and work with project information in a variety of formats.



Import seamlessly existing Microsoft Office projects, or export to MS file formats for compatibility reasonsImport & Export

Beginning with MS Project 98 and up through MS Project 2007, Merlin understands the file formats offered for this Windows program. Merlin reads MPP, XML and MPX file formats. It can write XML and MPX file formats for Windows compatibility.

Merlin offers rich support for many other file formats as well. Import of NovaMind, Mindmanager, Excel, XML and many other file formats ensures rich data integration.



iCal Synchronization

Sync project or resources' calendar with iCalYou can synchronize your Merlin project file with iCal so you can see your entire project activities list in a familiar calendar view. If you want to distribute your team’s project activities, Merlin can create iCal calendars for each assigned resource in your project, which your team members can then subscribe to to keep all their activities updated. Merlin will even update the iCal calendars when you make changes in your Merlin project file.



Polished printouts by customized printing and reporting functionsPrinting Reports

A project printout is perhaps one of the most important features in a project management application. Merlin's customized printing and reporting functions give you the flexibility to preview your printouts, highlight certain information and produce a polished printout which will help bolster your case to even your toughest audiences. Merlin's reporting allows you to access pre-defined reports templates or one you've created yourself. The reports can then be displayed or e-mailed in familiar formats, including PDF and HTML.

Merlin Quick Start Guide

Learn more about the Merlin project management software for Mac OS X in Merlin Quick Start Guide.Want to learn more? The Merlin QuickStart Guide provides a simple, step-by-step overview to help you get quickly on your way with Merlin.

Download the Merlin QuickStart Guide (PDF).