Network Aware

Merlin is network aware. It's easy to make Merlin projects available for group collaboration across a LAN environment, intranet, or internet. So long as two Merlin users are connected via HTTP, collaboration and sharing is right at your fingertips.



Merlin allows you to publish projects so other Merlin users can work on the same project together. Collaborating on Merlin projects works equally well whether team members are located in the same office via a local area network or accessing the project file remotely via the internet. Project access is controlled through user permissions and passwords to ensure the upmost data security.




Free Download from AppStore Merlin iPhone. This optional module allows you to work on published Merlin project files direct from your iPod touch or iPhone. Project Management has truly gone mobile.



The optional Merlin Server enables you to easily administer all your projects in one centralized location, along with one convenient location to control all publishing and sharing options including Mac OS X, web browser, or iPhone access.

Merlin Quick Start Guide

Learn more about the Merlin project management software for Mac OS X in Merlin Quick Start Guide.Want to learn more? The Merlin QuickStart Guide provides a simple, step-by-step overview to help you get quickly on your way with Merlin.

Download the Merlin QuickStart Guide (PDF).