Merlin 2 Support

Merlin for professional project management on the Mac stands out. Powerful Mac software, easy to use, satisfied professional project managers as users and very responsive customer support! This is how to proceed when having a technical question…

Step 1: Documentation

Our products include a QuickStart Guide and help files for the built-in help system. Just start Merlin and click the Help menu to access them.
For additional documentation…

Step 2: Short Films

We offer movie tutorials to Merlin 2 as brief introduction on several product pages. For more short screencasts, please visit the screencasts category of our blog or our YouTube channel.
We are producing constantly new clips.

Step 3: User Forum

Additionally, you can get help from these forums and discuss Merlin with other Merlin users:

Step 4: E-Mail Support

If your Merlin question is not answered yet, we are happy to assist you by e-mail*.
Please note our technical support addresses:

  • English language support for Merlin:
  • German language support for Merlin:

* Technical support is only available by e-mail, therefor we do not offer support by phone. We thank you for your understanding.