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Understanding and resolving scheduling conflicts

From time to time we receive in support following question:
Why does Merlin show some text and dates in red?

These are rows with scheduling conflicts.
Just hover with the mouse over a red colored text. Merlin will show the current scheduling conflict or warning in a tool tip.

To see all scheduling warnings and conflicts, just call 'Window > Show warnings' and switch to the 'Scheduling' tab.

The conflict in the selected row comes from the fact that an exact start date and time point of 7:00 AM had been entered. This time point lies outside the working time, so Merlin pushes the group (and its children activities) to the next possible time point (that is at 8:00 AM).

This is the warning you see here.

Resolving the conflict

  • Do you really want to schedule it at 7:00 AM?
    You need to fix the start date.

  • 7:00 AM is not correct?
    You can remove it or adjust to 8:00 AM.

Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on March 14th, 2017 under Products
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Using Sub-Level Filter Options

Ever have used filter on your project? Great!
This is a handy way to search for some content or values.

Additionally it does refine the view you are using, reducing data to your temporary needs.

So let´s use a simple project with six tasks defined in two groups and three resources assigned:

Let´s filter down to tasks that contain ,Activity 1’ in their name but not the one ending on ,.2’:

That has been simple. Now we would like to view additionally all tasks assigned to resource ,R1’. Using the same options on one level, we are stuck:

At this point it is time to use sub-levels of options.
Press and hold the ,Alt’-Key while selecting the ,+’. An indented line of options will be inserted.
This way you can combine the operator ,All’ and ,Any’ in a way, that will do the trick.

By combining ,All’ and ,Any’ in different levels, you get ,endless' possible combinations and a great way to redefine the Merlin view you are using.

Posted by Peter Meier on March 2nd, 2017 under Products
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