Merlin Server

Maximize Project Management Across a Network

Merlin Server delivers the ultimate network landscape for enabling professional project management. Merlin Server redefines true ease of use by delivering no less than three built-in network services in the form of a System Preference. Not only can all projects be published for Merlin on Mac OS X, including access for web browsers and iPhones, but these services are always accessible and built right into Mac OS X.

Version 2.9 now available
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Centralized Project Management

Thanks to Merlin Server you can now administer all your projects in one place. Simply start up Merlin Server and select your project folder. Say goodbye to data chaos as all project files are now fully centralized. Let Merlin Server share the projects you create with a Merlin Mac OS X application.


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Always Available and Ultimately Stable

Merlin Server is architected as a Mac OS X System Preference which results in services always being available and as stable as the Unix kernel itself. There are no longer any barriers in achieving the ultimate in permanent availability and stablility.


Easy to Use

Installing Merlin Server as a system preference takes nothing more than a single double-click. And starting Merlin Server is just a single mouse click away. Working with Merlin on
Mac OS X remains otherwise unchanged in reaping all the benefits of this new, powerful network architecture.


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Manage All Projects

Regardless of the number of projects, Merlin Server offers the following three built-in network services that can be individually activated with a single mouse click.

Publishing Merlin for Mac OS X

Merlin Server reaches its true potential in enabling team collaboration when used together with Merlin 2.
You can collaborate with your colleagues by working on published projects at the same time across the network directly in Merlin for Mac OS X.

Publishing Merlin to Web Browsers

The Web Service delivered with Merlin Server allows one to work on published projects across an intranet or internet using a supported web browser.* This means Windows users not having Merlin can easily access and work on Merlin projects!

Publish to Merlin iPhone

Project Management has gone Mobile. The iPhone Service delivered with Merlin Server now makes Merlin projects accessible from an iPhone across an intranet or internet, thanks to the all-new Merlin iPhone app. Working with your published projects is now literally always at your fingertips, from anywhere at anytime, using Merlin iPhone.

* Supported Web browsers: Safari 3 or later (Mac and Win), Firefox 3 or later (Mac and Win), Internet Explorer 7 (Win) and Internet Explorer 8 (Win in compatibility mode).


Merlin Server QuickStart Guide

Want more information? The following PDF document provides a brief overview to help you become better acquainted with Merlin Server.

Download Merlin Server QuickStart Guide (PDF).